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Performing the Classification of Hazardous Areas

Re-Classification the Hazardous Areas for PTTGC, BV plant

(December 2022)

JTEx has completed a 6-month project for the review and re-classification of Hazardous Areas for PTTGC, OLE2-3 (BV) plant in Mab Ta Phut, within the Butadiene Extraction Units and Betene-1 Production Unit.  With this project, the area classification is required to apply the sources of release method (point source approach) in accordance with IEC 60079-10-1 standard. This is in order to install the IECEx- and/or ATEX-certified equipment for compliance within the areas. Thanks to the client who trusts our experience and competencies, and also thanks to JTEx team which is led by our HA expert РJumpol Thojun Рfor performing this service until the project is successfully completed on schedule.