Service for End Users of ATEX/ IECEx equipment

Ex Inspection of Electrical Installations

After completing electrical installations and wiring, the initial inspection of all electrical equipment, systems, and installations shall be needed before they are brought into service or operation. The initial inspection has required a grade of “detailed inspection” to identify any defects which will be apparent by opening the enclosure and/or using tools or test equipment.

All necessary documents and information such as the area classification drawings, gas/dust group, and temp class/ignition temp, external influences, a list of Ex equipment register, instruction manual, equipment certificates, descriptive system document for I.S system, circuit identification, etc., shall be available. Records of initial inspection shall be provided and retained for future reference and maintenance.

Also, to ensure that the integrity of electrical equipment, systems, and their installations are maintained in good condition, periodic inspection shall be carried out on a routine basis. The IEC 60079-17 recommends a suitable periodic inspection interval for fixed installations shall not exceed 3 years without seeking expert advice, and also the interval for periodic inspection for moveable installations shall not exceed 12 months with “close inspection”.

We, JTEx, have services for the Initial Inspection, Periodic Inspection, Sample Inspection, and Audit Inspection for electrical equipment, system, and installations in or associated with potentially explosive atmospheres according to IEC 60079-17 and IEC 60079-14.
The service is performed by qualified engineers or technicians who are certified by;
IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 004, Ex 007, Ex008: Perform Visual, Close, or Detailed Inspection and Maintenance of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres
IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 010: Perform Audit Inspection of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres
CompEx Units EX01-EX04: Preparation, Installation, Maintenance, and Inspection of electrical equipment and systems in explosive atmospheres

Ex Inspection and Audit Inspection the Electrical Installations in or Associated with Explosive Atmospheres according to IEC 60079-17, IEC 60079-14

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