Service for End Users of ATEX/ IECEx equipment

Design Electrical Installations in or Associated with Hazardous Areas

Within the potentially explosive atmospheres, any ignition sources such as arcing, sparking, hot surface, electrostatic discharge, etc. must be avoided, or prevented, or controlled, or limited of usage within an acceptable safety level. All electrical, instrument equipment, machines, and their installations must be in compliance with standards requirements, such as the certified (ATEX/ IECEx) Ex equipment shall be selected and installed suitably for each classified area. Their equipment installations, wiring, and testing of electrical installations shall be done following the standard e.g. IEC 60079-14 to ensure their electrical installations, wiring, and connections are correct.

The design and selection of electrical installations in or associated with hazardous areas are required specific knowledge and experience in supplementing to other relevant electrical safety standard requirements for non-hazardous areas. The design engineers shall possess the proper knowledge, such as a recommendation by IEC 60079-14, to perform their tasks as follows;

a) detailed knowledge of the general principles of explosion protection;
b) detailed knowledge of the general principles of types of protection and marking;
c) detailed knowledge of those aspects of equipment design that affect the protection concept;
d) detailed knowledge of the content of certificates and relevant parts of this standard;
e) understanding of practical skills for the preparation and installation of relevant concepts of protection;
f) detailed knowledge of the additional importance of permit to work systems and safe isolation in relation to explosion protection;
g) detailed knowledge of the particular techniques to be employed in the selection and erection of equipment referred to in this standard;
h) general understanding of inspection and maintenance requirements of IEC 60079-17

We, JTEx, can perform, support, and advise or third-party review for the Design of Electrical Installations in or associated with potentially explosive atmospheres in compliance with IEC 60079-14.
The service is performed by qualified engineers who are certified by;
IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 009 – Design electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres, or
CompEx Unit EX 12A/ EX12B – Design of electrical equipment installations in explosive atmospheres, for Non-intrinsically Safe and Intrinsically Safe System.

Design Electrical Installations in or Associated with Explosive Atmospheres according to IEC 60079-14, and NFPA 70 (NEC 500)

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Typical block diagram for IS system descriptive system document (IEC 60079-25, Figure E.1)