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Classification of Hazardous Areas

When there is a requirement to produce, use or store flammable or combustible substances in a certain amount within the factory process, platform, station, storage areas, etc., the responsible persons of the locations are required to consider all relevant safety measures to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Basically, in the design stage, the hazardous areas or potentially explosive atmospheres shall be analyzed and classified into Zones according to IEC 60079-10, EN 60079-10, API RP 505, EI (IP) 15, etc.; or classified into Classes and Divisions according to NFPA 70 (NEC 500), NFPA 497, NAPA 499, API RP 500, CEC/CSA, etc. upon a reference applicable standard used in the country or region. This is in order to facilitate the proper selection, installation, and operation of equipment and machine to be used safely in that environment. The area classification should be updated when the plant or operational process changes, and also the reviews of area classification should be carried out during the life of the plant.

We, JTEx, can perform, support, and advise for Hazardous Areas Classification both for explosive gas and explosive dust areas. This service is conducted by qualified engineers who are certified by
IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 002 – Perform classification of hazardous areas

Design, Review, Update, and Advice for the Hazardous Areas Classification according to IEC 60079-10, NFPA, or API RP 500/ RP 505

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