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In-house Training for Manufacturers

ATEX/ IECEx Equipment Certification for Manufacturers

(Bangkok, February 2024)

JTEx has just conducted an in-house training class, 3-day on the topic of ATEX/ IECEx Equipment Certification for Manufacturers and Ex-equipment Used in Explosive Atmospheres, for the Robotic Engineers team of AI and Robotics Ventures Co., Ltd. and ROVULA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The pre-/ post-tests as well as exercises during the class showed that all participants were enthusiastic to acquire this knowledge. We hope participants will get direction and ideas for further development and preparation to achieve the intended certification for your Ex product as soon.  We are glad to support your team with technical clarification for the applicable IEC/ EN 60079 & 80079 standards to your product and looking forward to the next step of advising service.

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