We provide service and advice to those who work with Ex equipment and Hazardous Areas.


ATEX/ IECEx Training for Equipment Manufacturers

ATEX/ IECEx Product Certification for Equipment Manufacturers, 2 days

(Bangkok, March 2023)

For manufacturers, integrators, and makers of Ex equipment and machines for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the certifications of these products in accordance with acceptable international standards are mandated by the regulator and/or required by the end users for safety reasons. As we know that the ATEX Directive is a requirement for Ex equipment used in EU countries, whilst both ATEX and IECEx are two certification schemes that are widely accepted within Thailand and several countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia.

JTEx has recently arranged a 2-day training for attendees from Cobham Stacom, SVI PCL, P-Dictor and EEST Energy Manufacturing who would like to prepare themselves for ATEX & IECEx Equipment certifications. The training covers both requirements for product verifications and the QAN/QAR audit. We hope this training should be a guideline for manufacturers’ self-preparation of the required documents, drawings as well as equipment before submitting an application for product certification to ExCB/NB.

Furthermore, we are glad to provide an advising service for equipment design in specific types of protection in accordance with the IEC/EN 60079 standards, ignition risk assessment in accordance with ISO/IEC 80079-36, and the pre-audit or certification audit for the QAN/QAR quality system with ref. to ISO/IEC 80079-34. Our Ex Expert/Auditor is cooperating and supported by an ExCB/NB from Germany.